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Palace, enjoy China's top ten amazing bishi hotel

Date: 2014-12-19

As Ann went the first hotel in China, location and does not need to go into. Hotel adjacent to the Summer Palace, located in the Ming and qing dynasties classical courtyard style. Royal hotel is next to former clause, let Ann went in China - was born with many mysterious temperament. And Ann went the usual quiet quiet, here also developed part of the imperial family quiet grave. Comfort and ease still is the basic task of the top resort hotel, the palace courtyard, so dignified temperament of such a special hotel for your male vigorous vicissitudes added a thick ink. 2. Qingdao lalu
Lalu from Sun Moon Lake for the first time to enter the mainland, the first location, Qingdao huangdao district peninsula extending all the way from the coast to the yellow sea. Owner Taiwan township group invested $four hundred million to build, Lin spent on designer KerryHill costs alone screwed up about sixty million yuan. Over the next 10 years lalu thirty hotels in China will make, currently in construction projects have nanjing, chengdu and guilin.
3. Xi 'an lintong yue pile
Although xi 'an hotel has quite a few, but is located in lintong mount li, tourism and leisure resort area of xi 'an lintong yue tsubaki is going to open a message, or really let the capital of the northwest is exciting, this at least shows that the identity of the xi 'an is not only a visitor center, also slowly into a resort, it also will be a continuation of the banyan tree spa resort project.