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Steed chun East son oil celebration activities held by Beijing branch

Date: 2014-02-12

In 2013, is a year of reform and create a year, but also the year of harvest. Looking back to the past in 2013, the east son oil group Beijing branch under the unified planning and deployment of group headquarters, changing development ideas, innovation and development, in marketing, brand building, company operation, etc., adhere to the customer demand as the guidance, focusing on key areas, reform and innovation, scout, took to the booming east son Beijing branch for the road ahead.
January 19 at 6 a.m., east son Beijing branch in Beijing kang international hotel held a grand celebration activities, east son oil group chairman Mr Min spring scenery and Beijing branch staff attended the event, to make a brand new 2014 specific deployment and prospected, and the determination to use practical action to greet the arrival of the first year of new sales!
Conference, min spring, chairman of the New Year in the first place to extend my best wishes, he stressed: east son in 2013, borrow dongfeng automobile service market after the reform, under all staff's unremitting efforts and struggle, group in various undertakings, made a brilliant performance. Results only belong to the past, however, in the future, is still a long way to go, so expect east son Beijing branch staff can condensed, overcome difficult, always sailing, strive for in the year of the horse can record of Beijing branch!
Then, Beijing branch department head on stage in succession, summarizes the proud achievement in the past year, and points out the deficiency of the past work and the existing problems. Work for market development and expansion of Beijing, branch manager He Dongfeng said: 2013 years, the east son Beijing market development work has begun to take effect, but we must recognize that the year 2014 is the opportunity and challenge coexist, east son Beijing branch staff should unite as one, make persistent efforts, summarize experience and lessons, innovation mode, explore a set of can promote, can copy as soon as possible market development experience, for the year of the horse east son full wave red oil market in Beijing, ready to actively work. In addition, the festival site for the 2013 excellent employees, held a grand ceremony for their hard work in the past gave full affirmation, and inspire them to play the cutting edge exemplary role, and lead the team!
In the festive atmosphere, the east son oil group Beijing branch staff spent a memorable night of celebration, together for the coming year of the horse, in the round glasses ZhuDongHao Beijing branch of the brilliant future together!