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Beijing wenbo "WoTou hall" in the opening

Date: 2013-11-06

The eighth China Beijing international cultural creative industry exposition 6, was unveiled in the capital theatre. The wenbo thriftily will strive to, to people's outstanding drama "WoTou hall" alternative in theatrical performances, the show diccourse, actor's exquisite performance let audience big shout smash.
, wenbo, the vice minister of the national press and publication administration of radio, film and television will yan xiaohong, vice chairman of the organizing committee said in the opening speech of the night, as a national cultural industry event, Beijing wenbo has held seven success and achieved fruitful results. The 8th Beijing wenbo will give top priority to social benefits, adhere to the social benefit and economic benefit unifies, makes every effort to fully show the latest achievements in culture innovation, profoundly reflect the fusion of culture, science and technology and creativity, carefully constructed cultural creative industry project to the ground and trade exchanges and cooperation platform.
Will the wenbo overall arrangements through thrift, pragmatic principles. The opening ceremony of the Beijing people's art theatre outstanding drama "WoTou hall" performance replaced the previous large special evening party. The original drama is about the story of old Beijing, the number of actors or itself is from Beijing, or in infiltrating the Beijing people for many years, on the Beijing dialect JingYun never ambiguous. Choose such a characteristic classic drama, the opening ceremony of the Beijing wenbo is concise atmospheric.
As the most watched over the years the Beijing people's art creation, one of the drama directed by liu writer, Lin, that is probably the most excite super luxurious cast: He Bing WoTou hall in the landlord; Pu cunxin play yard is the original owner a clearance juren GuYueZong; Yang lixin play BaoChang XiaoQiShan tax, all press gang; In the eternal song dan-dan famous and Xu Fanze in small courtyard son as follows two women... On the people of Mesozoic "capable" actors will the show played fascinating.
It is reported that this year's wenbo in advocates thriftily, makes every effort to optimize the structure of the exhibition at the same time, more focus on promoting trade, there will be thousands of culture and science and technology, culture and finance, culture and multiple industrial integration development, prospect of the project, to seek cooperation worldwide. Among them, Beijing international copyright trade center hold copyright financial service platform of series of activities, will set up the first domestic cultural creative industry special mutual funds, and hold wen gen copyright industry financial product promotion activities of public service.
Among them, more than 10 provinces across the country in recent years, the key to build national and provincial cultural creative industrial park, industrial concentration area will be there with rich local characteristics of culture industry attending major projects, such as lanzhou and cultural integration of science and technology development of new industrial park "dunhuang cultural creative industrial park," Beijing "China art digital resources management and application platform", etc.
The wenbo to "promote cultural trade accelerating economic upgrade" as the theme, the image of the exhibition show more desalination, instead will have a more innovative culture 2.45% funding research to products, new technology, new projects, new pattern, seek cooperation opportunities and cooperation partners; To promote exchange has arranged for over ten special project; BBS and 20 at the venue, also blended in a project to promote trade and signing activity.
Wenbo this year will assemble a diversified, multi-level and many innovative culture in the field of product and original works, will focus on incentive and guide the cultural consumption demand of the masses. Main exhibition area can be seen everywhere public participation in interactive experience, cultural leisure, experiential consumption, tourism exhibition has "eat, see, purchase," the cultural tourism projects and characteristic tourist commodities; The audience in the sports area can feel new camping rv brings a new way of life, to experience digital and other high-tech, new sports fitness; In the seventh year in a row set up Taiwan wen gen high-quality goods museum, Taipei and taichung city launched for the first time the twins wen gen theme exhibition - "love love Taipei humanities peach garden" and "cultural" creative city, taichung, 150 wen gen companies from Taiwan, will focus on present in Taipei and taichung style each different, the same wonderful city cultural creative theme blocks and creative life.