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The third session of world hotel association congress and the sixth world hotel BBS held ceremoniously in Beijing

Date: 2013-11-09

November 7 to 8, 2013, "the third session of world hotel association congress and the sixth world hotel BBS" in China, sofitel wanda Beijing is held ceremoniously. Nearly 20 countries and regions, industry leader, a well-known entrepreneurs, famous scholars, media and more than 50, head of the Chinese and international hotel group brand around a total of 400 guests, representatives to participate in and witnessed the event.
This conference was organized by the United Nations world tourism, the China national tourism administration support in particular, by the world hotel alliance, the travel channel, China council for the promotion of international exchange, the Asia society, the world leader, China will, wuzhou diamond hotel organization, the world hotel design center, China FanLv group, Qingdao haier / - 1.66% of funding research to air conditioning electronic co., LTD., lenovo group [0.81%] and other units, and combined the Chinese and foreign governments, authorities, large enterprise groups and famous media organizations to actively participate in, the theme is "cooperation, win-win for tourism and hotel industry development new road". The guests are in today's China and the world hotel industry in the new period, how to better promote and promote the world hotel industry's development and prosperity, do a good job in the hotel industry and real estate, hotel industry and the combination research of financial investment community and the benign interaction, seek the development of tourism and hotel industry in the new period new hotspots and topic discussion, etc.
The meeting activities colorful, the world hotel alliance on the basis of the original series of brand activities, a new special hotel summit and designer designers, investors, operators for hotel industry the opportunity to dock with the excellent design agency.
In order to further promote the development and prosperity of China and the world hotel industry, the assembly also awarded the "world hotel, wuzhou diamond award, the award by the world hotel alliance building, the 2013 hotel, hotel investment and management related enterprise, as well as the hotel design industry outstanding enterprises and good personal comprehensive objective evaluation, strive to build and launch the world hotel industry's Oscar award.
7 in the morning, the vice President of China tourism association, the world hotel association, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, lifelong world hotel, chairman of the BBS, jinjiang international group, vice chairman and chairman of the board of directors of the company in the north couple hai yan attended the opening ceremony and made the opening speech.