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Beijing the weather turn cool wind over the weekend

Date: 2013-11-08

"The beginning of winter day, water-cooled three points". The beginning of winter solar term approach, yesterday, the capital of the ginkgo tree seems to be more bleak a minute, deciduous, many trees have only the bare branches, revealing the winter cold. The most long winter a year, is about to begin.
There is blue sky and fresh air yesterday, today good weather will come to an end. The biggest change is the atmospheric visibility slip, down to about 4 to 6 kilometers between, southern region has always been more less visibility, is expected to only 2 km to 3 km. Although poor visibility, but not very bad. In addition, the lowest temperature 3 ℃ this morning, or rather cold; 13 ℃, the highest temperature during the day and yesterday around 14 ℃.
Although today the weather is turning, but big changes in the weather in double cease day, a strong cold air strikes on Saturday. The overall summary is: it's windy on Saturday, Sunday. The strong cold air will probably be around until 4 o 'clock on Saturday morning, at 11 before and after cold front moving down the body, five six levels of wind, blowing wind will reach six largest seven. Apparent cooling is on Sunday, Saturday also forecast the highest temperature 16 ℃, the highest temperature on Sunday fell to only 12 ℃, especially to remind everybody is, lowest temperature will be low to freezing point on Sunday night. Double cease day cool wind, the wind chill effect significantly, even on Saturday, the highest temperature is not low, but also body feeling temperature is lower than the actual temperature of 4 ℃ to 5 ℃. Double cease day trips, please ready to wind to keep warm.
The beginning of winter approaching, the folk custom of invigorating the winter, as the weather gradually became cold, pay attention to adjust the way of the body. In this season, to eat some targeted high-calorie diet, eat more fresh vegetables at the same time, such as beef and mutton, chicken, crucian carp, drink soya-bean milk, milk, eat more carrots, vegetables, tofu, black fungus, and so on. But winter is different from person to person, should choose according to actual situation clearly, removing, small and large tonic., not blindly "supplements".