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"The third session of the world hotel alliance conference" held in Beijing

Date: 2013-11-07

In order to further promote the development and prosperity of China and the world hotel industry, particularly by the United Nations world tourism organization, China national tourism administration support, by the world hotel alliance, the travel channel, China council for the promotion of international exchange, the Asia society hosted the third world hotel association conference and the sixth world hotel BBS "on Nov. 7-8 in Beijing.
It is reported, this is the theme of the conference and BBS "win-win cooperation. - for tourism and hotel industry development new road", is aimed at exploring in today's China and the world hotel industry in the new period, how to better combine research and the benign interaction, seek the development of tourism and hotel industry in the new period.
The meeting, the world hotel alliance on the basis of the original series of brand activities, a new special hotel summit and designer designers, investors, operators for hotel industry the opportunity to dock with the excellent design agency. During the meeting, also added a CEO summit hotel suppliers, we by "the hotel supplier CEO summit" to build a cell and hotel investors and operators between interactive platform, to provide excellent hotel cell to the industry exhibition and cooperation signing good opportunities.
In addition, the conference also issued "the fifth world hotel. Wuzhou diamond award". The award is known as the world hotel industry's Oscar award.